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The BlueFrenDAO is a group of 4200 blue frogs or "FreNFTs" that provide their owners with a multitude of benefits. From Free VPN to earning yield rewards.

Join the "Bluelist" to get exclusive access once the mint goes live.


With the BlueFrenDAO, You get more than just a digital collectible - you gain access to a world of benefits and exclusive opportunities.

  • Membership to the BlueFrenDAO and a voice on governance 
  • Free and exclusive access to our bespoke decentralized VPN application “BlueVPN”
  • Let your BlueFreNFTs earn yield through the BlueFrenDAO validator program, paid automatically to your wallet
  • Earn rewards from our BlueFrenDAO VPN nodes
  • Get a share in profits from future launches we have planned, like monthly raffles and future NFT launches
  • All BlueFreNFTs are rigged and ready for metaverse integration 


The BlueFrenDAO will use the tokens raised to invest into the Cosmos ecosystem, running validators and earning the DAO commission. Holding a BlueFreNFT enables the owner to take their rightful share.

Simply, the more BluefreNFTs you mint: The better VPN deal you’ll get and the more rewards you'll earn!

Mint one for 179 $SCRT and get a one-year VPN subscription

Mint two for 299 $SCRT and get a three-year VPN subscription

Mint three for 420 $SCRT and get a five-year VPN subscription

Here is the breakdown of how the DAO will function post mint.

60% of rewards will allocated towards the validator program. Part to earn BlueFreNFTs yield and part to grow the treasury and grant purses

22.5% of rewards will be allocated towards upkeeping servers, paying frens to do tasks, and overall upkeep of the DAO

12.5% towards spreading the ethos of BlueFrens. New materials, events, paid advertising for our VPN and more

5% will be reserved for helping others. Be that through development incentives or charitable giving

Every fren needs a DAO

Every fren needs a DAO

Every fren needs a DAO

Every fren needs a DAO

Every fren needs a DAO

Every DAO needs a fren

Every DAO needs a fren

Every DAO needs a fren

Every DAO needs a fren

Every DAO needs a fren


The BlueFrenDAO aims to secure its future by expanding its treasury to drive sustainable development coupled with long term growth. 


In the vast and wondrous Cosmos lived a group of beings known as the BlueFrens. They were not like any other creatures, for they were born of light, love, and memetic energy, driven with a flaming passion – to make their frens feel secure and encrypted.

The BlueFrens banded together, determined to protect their kin from the dangers lurking in the universe’s dark corners. They knew that their powers of encryption alone were not enough, so they set out to recruit frens from across history to act as Sentinels against the forces of nonfrens. 

The BlueFrens journeyed through time, seeking out the bravest and most noble frens. They recruited warriors from ancient civilizations, knights from medieval kingdoms, and rebels from dystopian futures. These recruits became the Sentinels, sworn to protect the frens and keep them secure and encrypted.

Now is your chance to join these intrepid frens and become a part of something bigger than the sum of all its parts. For to be a BlueFren is to ascend! 

Now Your destiny lies before you, an opportunity to join the ranks of the illustrious BlueFrens and become a part of the great DAO.  To align yourself with these intrepid beings is to embark on a journey of ascension, transcending the limits of individual existence and forging a path toward a more prosperous future! 

It’s time to answer the call and join the BlueFrens, not just for your own benefit but for the good of all frens in the Cosmos. You are destined for greatness, for to be a BlueFren is to be part of a legacy that will endure for ages to come.


Priced from 179 $SCRT




Subscribers Bluelisted


Where are the BlueFreNFTs minting and on what network?

The FreNFTs will be minting on Stashh, the world’s first marketplace for NFTs with privacy by default. Stashh runs on the Secret Network through Cosmos. So you’ll need to download the Keplr wallet.

When can I purchase a BlueFreNFT?

Join our Bluelist to get priority access to the mint. Otherwise, keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date.




Can I purchase multiple BlueFreNFTs?

There is no limit on the amount of BlueFreNFTs you can purchase. The more you mint, the higher amount of rewards you’ll receive. However, there is a maximum of five years of free VPN usage from purchasing three BlueFreNFTs.

Mint one for 179 $SCRT and get a one-year VPN subscription

Mint two for 299 $SCRT and get a three-year VPN subscription

Mint three for 420 $SCRT and get a five-year VPN subscription

Will there be rarity?

Yes, but not in the classic sense. While each BlueFreNFT is unique, and there will be mints with rare traits than others, There is no pre-established hierarchy of rarity. Each FreNFT gives at least one year’s VPN usage and a yield share.

The option to customize the variations and logos on your FreNFT will be implemented post-launch; see our roadmap in the FAQ sections to learn more.

Is there a roadmap?

Here is a path of intention for the BlueFrenDAO:

  • Announcement of mint date
  • Community building and outreach
  • Raise $SCRT and run a validator on the Secret Network
  • Within three months of mint, BlueVPN will launch
  • Within one month of mint, yield rewards will be commence
  • Expansion of BlueFrenDAO nodes on the Sentinel network
  • Profit from rewards funneled back into operations, and DAO rewards

Will there be a BlueFreNFT metaverse?

All BlueFreNFTs are rigged and ready for metaverse integration; once we are established, we will decide whether to create our own metaverse or integrate with another platform.

Wen token?

A native token isn’t our priority just yet; once the launch is complete and we are up and running the opportunity to upgrade your BlueFreNFTs will become available and a decision will be made by us all if we want to mint our own coin to power it.

Can I resell my BlueFreNFT?

Yes, however, the owner will need to reveal the BlueFreNFT on the marketplace due to its superior privacy functionality.

How does "BlueVPN" work?

BlueVPN is a decentralized VPN (dVPN) built on  The Sentinel dVPN framework; it offers enhanced protection compared to centralized VPNs with unreliable “no log” policies.

Depending on the amount of BlueFreNFTs you purchase (premint) you will get either One, Three, or Five years of usage.  Owners will need to set their BlueFreNFT privacy settings on the marketplace to enable the creator to see ownership for this to happen.

Once the mint opens, The BlueFrenDAO will publish tutorials on how to set everything up.


The BlueFrenDAO is a collection of 4200 unique NFTs. that provide owners a seat on the governance table along with VPN access and a share in the DAO’s validator program rewards, Making the “FreNFTs” an attractive utility for individuals and groups alike.